Viscount Jack

I am an English born, US/Australian raised pop artist with an art rock twist. The name is derived from a hereditary title bestowed on my family 200 years ago. They never used it so I thought now’s a good time. I simply like the name ‘Jack’.


My work combines music, dance and theatre with worldly subject matter. I've lived and breathed pop music ever since I can remember. Even though a child of the 90’s I was drawn to the artists of the late 70’s and 80’s, particularly the new wave and new romantics who unashamedly celebrated a youthful exuberance the world had never seen. That is a world I identify with and want to continue to champion.


Having played piano and guitar since the age of 7, I've never been interested in learning to read music - just make it. My vocal heroes are Bowie, Bono, Prince, Tony Hadley, Paul Stanley and Robert Plant.

I'm thrilled to be releasing my first EP ‘The Surface of Things’ which will feature 4 original pieces and a Psychedelic Furs cover. It will be launched 12th of April 2017. The first single is available now for free - enjoy.


I am an unashamed exponent of pop music. Fat, glossy, naked pop...with a little bit of rock’n’roll. I write primarily for myself. If they make you think...maybe even move you, then it’s a bonus.


I just want to be the artist I always wanted to go and see.



Viscount Jack:

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“I just want to be the artist I always

wanted to go and see”.

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Here's the lyric video to the cover version of the Psychedelic Furs 'Heartbreak Beat' off their 'Midnight to Midnight' album. The pics were taken from the 'London & New York' video shoot.

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